3:00 pm Eastern

Thursday June 10, 2021

12:00 Noon Eastern

Friday June 11, 2021

​Zoom Social

Show and Tell  Host: Floor Kaspers

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Show & Tell, aka the Ooohhh and Aaaahhhh session
Hosted by Floor Kaspers

One of the wonderful things at the Gathering is getting to share your latest creations. That "Beader's Handshake": "Ooohhhhh, did you make that?" To recreate this, we will offer two "Show & Tell" sessions in which you get to show your work and talk about it with a group of like minded glassy friends. 

How it works

If you want to share, you can share up to 5 images by sending them to education@isgb.org before June 5, 2021. They do not need to be professional pictures, just something that shows your bead or other piece of glass art. In the online Show & Tell session, we will then share these pictures to the group and ask you to talk about how you made them. 

Anyone attending the Gathering is welcome to join these sessions, whether you want to talk about the pictures you shared or just want to see other people's creations.