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Keynote Speaker

Sally Prasch

9 a.m.- 10 a.m Friday, March 31, 2017 

For many glassworkers the divide between art glass and scientific glass is

wide — but not for Sally Prasch. She lives in that chasm between scientific

glass blowing and art glass, mixing the two together in a beautiful and

practical world grounded in science yet inspired by creativity. To fully

understand Sally’s relationship with glass, it is important to understand her

journey because it shaped her, not only as a glassworker but also as a 

human being.

“My opinion is that the mind of a scientist is the same as that of an artist,

both creating something new and reaching for the unknown. I am excited to

work with scientists, as they are going to help our world and I want to be a

part  of that. I am also excited to work with artists and to create my own art,

helping to create a new vision and thought.” 

Although she works (and plays) in the world of glass, Sally’s love for life overflows into her hobbies. She looks to
nature for both inspiration and relaxation. “I really like to grow things, and if I was not into glass, I think I would be a farmer.”

For more information about Sally and her work, visit her website at