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Deadline for Submission: June 1, 2021

Postcard Project

​​Submit your Postcard HERE

Questions contact Director at Large -Andrea Symons

As many of you members know, at the Gathering we have had a fun project referred to as the Postcard Project.  Glassworkers are asked to provide us with postcards of their work. We compile packages of the postcard entries with one from each artist, and package them for sale. The funds raised go towards the ISGB Fundraising coffers, so we can put on great  activities for our members. 

Because we are not physically gathering until it is safe, we thought it would be fun and enlightening to make this  Postcard Project a digital activity for The Virtual Gathering of 2021. It not only makes it cheaper for all, but everyone can be involved in it.  

This is the perfect opportunity for you, our members, to show off your work, practice your photography (or get a pro to  do it for you), and let us know more about you.  Instead of the plain backs of the postcards, we’d like you to share  with us what you have created during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and how you’ve found the whole issue of ‘stay at home’. How has  it changed the way you make your art, or find inspiration? How are you sharing your new work, and what new insights have you learned?  

We are all finding this a very interesting and unforgiving time, but amazing art is coming from it. We would love to see  and hear from you.

Here is an example:  

Postcard Project format suggestions:

Open new page in Microsoft word (or similar)
Insert chart, 1 row, 2 columns See Examples Above.
Photo in left cell, type your story in the right cell.
Save it, then crop the photo & story, to form one landscape postcard and save as a .jpg 
upload the .jpg on  where it indicates the Postcard Project.

Save the postcard, crop and then save again as a .jpg
Upload it to the gathering web page where shown.