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Host a Banquet table

Hosted Banquet Tables - New in 2019

Hosted banquet tables is yet another way to help Gathering attendees meet and connect with new & old friends. A table host will decorate the table and welcome you & your table-mates to the Gathering Banquet. Guests choose their banquet host when they arrive at the Gathering and pick up their registration packet. Choosing your table will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Other than being a fun opportunity for hosts to show off your inner Martha Stewart, this new way of banquet seating gives guests a chance to meet new people, catch up with folks you don’t see very often, or meet someone you admire. To sign up to be a table host or if you have questions, email You never know...there may even be a prize for the best table decor! 

Frequently Asked Questions for Banquet Attendees

How do I sign up to sit at a banquet table?
When you arrive at the Gathering, proceed to the registration and check-in tables. At that time you’ll be presented with a list of tables and their hosts. You can sign yourself up for any table that still has room available at it.

Can I sign someone else up to sit at a table?
Sorry, no.  Each person needs to sign themselves up.  There are a couple of exceptions.  (See below.)

I bought a single banquet ticket for my significant other, but who is not attending the Gathering.  How can I be sure that he/she will be able to sit with me?
If you buy a single banquet ticket for someone not attending the Gathering, you can sign them up when you select a seat. (As a side note: The ISGB President also is allowed to assign a banquet seat to the keynote speaker who is not a full participant at the Gathering.)

Are all the tables hosted?
We have 11 hosted tables this year. There will likely be a couple of tables that will not be hosted, based on the registration projections at this time.

How do I ensure I get to sit with my friends?
Encourage your friends to check in as soon as they arrive at the Gathering. The sooner you check in, the better seating options there will be.  Communicate with your friends prior to selecting a table so that you all know where you’d like to sit and can choose the right option once you arrive.  You won’t be able to move tables once you’ve signed up.

What happens on banquet night?  How do know what table I’m at?
n case you forget which table you are at, your banquet ticket will be marked with your table selection when you check in at the Gathering registration tables.  On banquet night you’ll find your host, who will welcome you to their table.  The hosts will have a list of who is at their table, in case there is any confusion about seating.

What if I don’t want to sit at a hosted table?
There will be a couple of unhosted tables at the banquet. You’ll still need to select a seat when you check in, but you can certainly select a seat at an unhosted table if you’d like.

Why are we doing this?
We are trying something new so we have a fun and welcoming environment at the banquet. This is helpful for newbies who may not know a lot of people and will give people the opportunity to sit with their friends or branch out and meet new people. It also gives hosts the opportunity to be creative in a new way, by decorating a table.

Frequently Asked Questions for Table Hosts

What is a banquet host?
A banquet host is a Gathering attendee (or two) who have volunteered to decorate a table at the banquet. Table hosts welcome the people who have selected their table as they arrive their table at the banquet.

I’m a banquet host, can I co-host with someone?
Yes. There must be a single point of contact for the co-hosts, that is, one person and their email address to communicate with the table host coordinator (aka Janice Peacock this year).  The designated contact person is responsible for communicating with their co-host. 

Can more than two people co-host a table?
Sorry, no. Co-hosting is a two person thing.

Do I have to buy a banquet ticket to be a table host?

Yes, you will need to buy a banquet ticket to be a table host.

I’m a table host and bought a single banquet ticket for my significant other. How do I ensure that they sit with me during the banquet?
You must let the table host coordinator (aka Janice Peacock this year) know that you have purchased a single ticket for a guest so we can reserve a seat for that person prior to opening the signups for tables. 

Are there any restrictions on table decorations?
There are a few restrictions for safety and cleanliness reasons.  We request that there are no candles or other flames at the tables.  Also, please be sensitive to the fact that catering will be cleaning up after the event and would likely not appreciate confetti or other things that will be difficult to clean up.

Other than decorating my table, what do I need to do?
You’ll need to greet your table guests and make sure everyone meets everyone else at the table. You can provide party favors or small gifts for your table guests if you want.  You’ll also need to clean up any decorations that you brought with you at the end of the evening.

When can hosts setup and decorate their tables?
You can setup and decorate your table from 7PM to 8PM on Saturday night. Then, at 8PM be beside your table and ready to welcome your guests to your table. There may be catering staff working to prepare the room while you are setting up your table. Please do your best to not interfere with their work.

How do I know who is supposed to be at my table?
During table setup time you’ll receive a list of people who have selected your table. You can also stop by registration any time to see who has signed up for your table. Please make sure that no one sits at your table who has selected a different table. If that happens, there won’t be room for someone who did select your table.

Do I need to take my decorations with me after the banquet?
Yes. It would making catering very happy to not have to do extra clean up. We recommend that you leave whatever bags or boxes you brought your decorations in under your table, then after the banquet you can use those same boxes and bags to take anything away that your tablemates did not take with them.

How many people are there at a banquet table?
There are 10 seats at a banquet table.  One for the host and 9 for the guests.  In the case of the co-hosts, there will be 2 co-hosts seats and 8 guest seats. 

Can I have a centerpiece on my table?
Absolutely! We have asked catering to not put centerpieces on the banquet tables.  We estimate there will 18 to 24 inches in the center of the table for whatever you’d like to put there. And, you do not have to have a centerpiece, it is just an option for you.

Do I have to spend a lot of money to host a table?
No. You could bring items from home, make some decorations, or visit the dollar store for a few inexpensive items to make your table more festive.  Even a couple of rolls of streamers can go a long way to making an impact.

Do I have to have a theme for my table?
Most people have a theme of some kind.  However, your theme could simply be “festive” or“elegant.” 

Do I have to tell people what my theme is prior to the banquet?
You don’t have to.  Some people may want to know what the themes are prior to selecting a table to sit at.  You can surprise people if you want, or we can list what your theme is on the sign-up sheet for your table.

Does it cost anything to be a table host?
 "All table hosts and co-hosts need to buy a banquet ticket in order to participate. The only other cost is whatever you incur for decorations and party favors for your guests. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a nice experience for your guests."​

If there are any questions that I haven’t answered, please email me at Thank you!