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International Society of Glass Beadmakers

Helpful Hint #8
Notes on the Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar

- Remember, electric is not included in the price of your table. Before the end of February, you will receive a link to secure arrangements with the Expo contractor for electricity. In order to get the best price, this must be ordered and paid for in advance. As always, you will need to supply your own lights, extension cords (8 ft is strongly suggested for 2017), and surge protectors if you need them. None will be provided for you. Or, you can rent these items for an additional fee from the Expo contractor and this will be detailed on the order form you receive. Instructions on how to complete the form will be included. 

- Bazaar table assignments will be done alphabetically A to Z by last name. A diagram, participant listing, and shared tabled pairings will be sent out prior to the electrical request documents so arrangements can be made for those sharing a table. 

- No linen of any type will be provided for the tables.

- As a reminder, the hours of the Bazaar are longer. We open earlier and we close later in order to experience the maximum amount of time for sales in conjunction with the Glass Craft Expo. Bazaar hours are listed in the Gathering booklet and on the Gathering website, but noted here:

Set up - 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM
Shopping for Gathering attendees only - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Open to the public - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

- The ISGB Banquet and Live Auction are not in the same area as the Bazaar this year, so when the Bazaar closes, it won't be as difficult to break down however, there is still a limited amount of time to pack up and leave that area and there can be no breakdown the following morning.

- Sales license fees for selling at the Bazaar were included in your table rental fee. Exhibitors must still collect and pay retail sales tax. ISGB will provide tax forms and other filing information for all sellers on site the morning of the Bazaar.

Helpful Hint #7

Hair standing on end? Starting to feel like the days are rushing by? Getting that "I cannot wait to

see my glassy friends!" feeling, while praying to Father Time that he stops the clock? Have no

fear, we are here to help!

Want to add a tour? Need to check the wait list for a workshop you're interested in? Can't remember what you registered for and cannot find your receipt? Wondering if you have a Bead Bazaar table? 

All of these questions and more can be answered by Meetings a la Carte, our amazing team of registration specialists. Simply give them a call at (630) 420-7607. They are in the central time zone and happy to help you.

Helpful Hint #4
Coronado Cafe at the South Point is always very busy in the morning and at lunch. There can be waiting lines to get in and while they move quickly, if you have limited time you'll want to plan ahead.

Look for great alternative options like a sandwich or salad 'to go' from the Del-Mar Deli. Sit out at the pool with a light snack. Big Sur Oyster Bar is another option and you can even sit at the counter. Need a burger? Try Steak 'n Shake. The Garden Buffet offers a lot of food to satisfy many, but lines can be long there too, when the hotel is busy. So many options to make your stay more affordable!

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint #6
For your convenience, the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa offers a scheduled shuttle to and from McCarran Airport. These shuttles are reserved for the use of hotel guests only.

If you are planning on using the South Point’s Airport shuttle, please call 866-791-7626 (ask for Shuttle Reservations) to book your reservation as soon as you have your flight information. The hotel does not take same day reservations for the shuttle; it is first come-first served on ‘day of’ requests.

LAST scheduled pick up from the main airport terminal is 9:30 PM.

FIRST scheduled departure from South Point Hotel to return to the airport is 6:00 AM.

NOTE: Shuttle service is provided to South Point Hotel guests on a first come basis. The South Point Hotel does not guarantee that seats will be available or that the shuttle will arrive or depart on schedule. Shuttle bus schedules are subject to change, please check with a hotel representative for the most current schedule.

Helpful Hint #3 
Have you confirmed your HOTEL RESERVATIONS for the Las Vegas Gathering?

There has been a change in the reservation cut-off date for our ISGB room block at the South Point Hotel - it is now March 4. (originally March 6) Any reservations made after this date will be offered on an as-available basis and at the South Point Hotel prevailing rate.The hotel is going to run full during our conference dates. Please do not miss the opportunity to book your room at our low conference rate! Book now 

Helpful Hint #1 
South Point Hotel will be very busy during our conference. Please plan ahead for dinner and make reservations. Don Vito's, Primarily Prime Rib, Michael's, Baja Miguel's, and Silverado: you'll find many of these on Open Table as well. They work about two months out, so check their calendars for open days/times.

Helpful Hint #2 
Planning for an appointment at Costa del Sur Spa while staying at South Point? Don't forget to look for any monthly specials they might offer.

We suggest you book your appointment early for the best options, especially if you're going with friends.

The spa, salon, health club, and pool are all very conveniently located right next to one another. 

Helpful Hint #5 
As the conference quickly approaches, you can keep up with the latest information, changes, or announcements by bookmarking this Gathering website: