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International Society of Glass Beadmakers

2019 Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar

South Point Hotel Casino & Spa

The Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar is a unique opportunity and the perfect time to introduce your work to the city of Las Vegas and build your customer base. With many of the best artists in the lampworking and jewelry fields set up to showcase and sell their work at the Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar, glass, metal, and fiber fans will not find a better place to shop from their favorite artists and learn first hand about their work.

In Las Vegas, the Bazaar will be located on the Glass Craft & Bead Expo show floor. It is the center of all Gathering and Glass Craft & Bead Expo activity on Saturday, April 6.

6:00 am – 8:00 am Setup 
8:00 am – 9:00 am Preview for conference attendees only 
9:00 am – 6:00 pm Open to the public

Full Conference Attendee
One full table $160
Half table $95
One Day Attendee
One full table $320
Half table $175

The Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar is open to the public.​

Eligibility Rules and Standards
• Exhibitors must be a conference attendee and be present at the Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar. All items sold at the table must be made by the exhibitor. No subletting of space to fellow beadmakers. NO REPS are allowed.
• Affiliate studio members of ISGB who sell the work of other glass artists to the retail public, contact Kendra Bruno at for details on selling at the event.
• Table assignments for both full and half tables will be done alphabetically. Special requests for placement will not be considered. Exhibitors registering after March 1, 2018, will be placed in the back of the room. Table assignment will be based on four variations, rotating from year to year:

2019 – a-z by first name
2020 – z-a by first name

• 75% of the items on your table must be handmade by you or assembled by you from handmade components primarily made by you.
• An exhibitor with handmade items as a mere sideline should be a commercial or technical vendor with Glass Craft & Bead Expo for 2018.
• Group tables are available only to ISGB recognized Chapters who meet all Chapter eligibility requirements.
• Please note: Do not put chapter information on the same application as an individual exhibitor’s Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar application. Contact Karyn Sweezy at for additional chapter details.
• ISGB reserves the right to remove any ineligible or inappropriate items or exhibitors.

Selling Space
• The Bazaar will be held at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa. Exhibit space will be filled on a first-come, first-confirmed basis and there are sixty-six (66) Bazaar tables available.
• Exhibitors are limited to one 8-foot table.
•  Table fees DO NOT include electricity. Electricity must be ordered in advance through the show electrical contractor at $92.50 per 5 amp. No sharing is allowed and exceptions cannot be made. Order forms will be provided.
You must supply your own lights, three-prong extension cords, and surge protectors. None will be provided for you. Or, you can rent these items for an additional fee from the show contractor.
• Tables will be 8’ x 24” and set without linen or draping. Exhibitors need to bring their own table coverings.
• Each table comes with one chair. More chairs are available if needed. There is a limited quantity.
• No meals will be provided on Saturday for either exhibitors or conference attendees, but food is available for purchase on the show floor and throughout the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa.

Sales Tax
 Tax fees for selling at the Bazaar are included in your table rental fee. Exhibitors must collect and pay Las Vegas, Nevada, retail sales tax. ISGB will provide tax forms and other filing information for all sellers on site.
For more information, please contact Kendra Bruno, Executive Director

In consideration for leasing the table, exhibitors hereby agree that the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa shall have no liability for any damages, injuries, or loss of goodwill due to weather, electrical or mechanical malfunction, reduced attendance, or any other cause. Exhibitors shall not sublease their space or any portion of their space. Exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmless the ISGB from any claim, damage or liability, which may be brought against it, including legal fees, for any matter, incident, or transaction relating to the Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar.

While security will be on site, all exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booths staffed and secured at all times.

The ISGB and the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa are not responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibitor merchandise, displays, or personal items.

Cancellation Dates and Fees for Glass, Beads & Jewelry Bazaar
A full refund will be given until February 27, 2019. No refunds will be given after February 28, 2019, unless there is a sell out and the space can be resold. Tables are not transferable.

Saturday, April 6, 2019