We are proud to announce our great line up of presenters and instructors.

2020 Key Note Speaker
Kit Paulson

Sharon Peters
Fixes, Changes and Transformations:  Morphing the Dragon,

Corinna Horsell/Bullseye Glass 
How Glass is Made

Floor Kaspers
Stories from lampworkers around the world

Patty Lakinsmith/Marcy Lamberson
Patty & Marcy’s Guide to Selling Beads & Jewelry in Your PJ’s on Facebook

Patty Lakinsmith
Glass and Metal:  A Perfect Match!

Kerri Fuhr
Sell your beads! Marketing for the Lampwork Artist.

Kristen Kearns
Seeing Beads from the Inside Out: Tips on Creating Beads for LED Illumination

Tatyana Boyoarnova
My "Vita in Vitrum"

Brooke Hamling
Luminar Glass Products

Bronwen Heilman
Sand Dollar Mandala

Caitlin Hyde
 Glass beads and mixed media

Alexx Cheng
The wacky glass bead world of Alexx Cheng


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