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International Society of Glass Beadmakers

6:00 -7:30

Kristina Logan
A New Twist on Dots!

Kristina Logan was named the Dot Queen back in 1993 when just a handful of people were making glass beads in the United States. Twenty-five years later Kristina’s beads are still full of dots and her unique patterns are immediately recognizable as her
own. Over the years, Kristina is proud that her designs have inspired so many other beadmakers around the world. In this demonstration and lecture, Kristina will show how she places dots exactly where she wants them to be and attains her signature precision at the torch. She will also explain her thought process when she creates unique designs. Most importantly she will give the audience tools for improving their own precision at the torch and tips to creating unique beads that reflect each beadmaker’s personal vision.

Lucie Kovarova-Weir
Blossom on a Stem : Murrini Component Assembly

Filmed demo: Lucie will bring pre-made components of complex murrini cane, a blossom, bud and leaves. She will assemble them, encase, heat and pull murrini cane with detailed explanation for each step. She will show
images of her work to demonstrate examples of murrini work done in last 16 years of her glass career.

General Membership meeting
ISGB President Susan Richards
This is a great time to meet the ISGB Board of Directors, ISGB Staff, and the Gathering Team. Hear about the
accomplishments of the year, plans for the future, and, most importantly, have the chance to ask questions, offer
suggestions, and discuss ISGB projects or member concerns. This is an important meeting that members should
not miss.

4:00 -5:00

12:30 -1:30

Adaptive Techniques For Flameworkers - Instructors are Students Too
Karen Crown, Director of Education

In place of the instructor seminar one classroom will be set aside during open torch for a walk-in, hands-on
workshop for instructors. Participants will be able to try out many different pieces of equipment that will help
your students with different issues at the torch. Practice new ways to steady hands. Learn tricks to help your
student keep the mandrel in the right area of the flame. Discuss exercises to help fight fatigue or soar muscles.
Apply different teaching techniques for different learning styles. There will be many handouts and visuals
available to take with you to add to your studio. .

10:00 -111:00

3:00 -4:00

Terry Henry
Copper Electroforming, Blending Science and Art

The science of art is apparent every time a glass artist magically transforms striking or silver glass into intense color or metallic sheen. And just as magical is the transformation of a delicate flower, shell, or dragonfly into a work of art encased in copper. This presentation explains the chemical process of simply painting an object and placing it into a solution of copper and acid to create a multimedia work of art. Terry will share the unlimited possibilities associated with
copper electroforming and its application to glass, jewelry, and wherever your imagination takes you through a bit of chemistry and your own artistic creativity. Copper electroforming has enhanced Terry’s art and expanded her imagination just by using a bit of science!

Open Torch Experience 2019
Open Torch in Las Vegas is a diverse, and multi-faceted event. Enjoy a casual atmosphere of sharing information
with torch, kiln, glass, and other equipment representatives; and as the evening progresses, catch up with friends
and make new acquaintances as Glass Craft & Bead Expo attendees join in the fun! This is also a great time to
reinforce lessons learned in a workshop or try a new technique. Enjoy a beverage from the bar as well as exciting
glass demonstrations.
Please note: Torches will be set up and open for anyone to use with, as in previous years, 30-minute time limits, which will be enforced as needed. Open Torch is for testing equipment and not for making specific pieces that you intend to keep. No pieces can by kiln-fired or picked up the next day. Please bring your own safety glasses and any tools that you might need when experiencing a new torch.

Lunchtime Presentation
Holly Cooper, Karen King, Joy Munshower, Heather Trimlett
An in-depth presentation on day-to-day business practices and the “business of beadmaking”, professionalism,
ethics, teaching, and more.

- How much time is actually spent beadmaking and teaching as a career
- How to handle correspondence
- Studio time per week
- Teaching syllabus and new/innovative workshops every 18 months
- Reaching out to studios
- Teaching/being an instructor best practices (ethics, copying)
- A review of expenses that include R&D, continued education, graphic design, webpages and social media,
branding, mailing lists, photography, networking, etc. and more....
NOTE: Lunch is on your own. Use the coupon in your Gathering registration packet to either get lunch prior to the
presentation or brown bag it from one of the hotel restaurants.

9:00 -10:00


11:30 -12:30

Janice Peacock
The Wayback Machine: California Beadmakers Circa 1998

Join Janice Peacock for a trip back in time. In the late 1990s she collected slides from many of the glass beadmakers
in California. Janice created a slide show that she presented at many bead societies on the West Coast. She has
digitized these images and in this presentation she’ll revisit the work of many glass beadmakers who are still making
beads today so we can see how their work has changed and developed over the last 20 years. She’ll also share
images of the work of glass beadmakers who are no longer making beads, but should be remembered for their
beautiful beads and contributions to the world of glass beadmaking.

1:30 -2:30

Commercial and Technical Vendors at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo Show
One of the most exciting things about the Gathering is the opportunity to visit (and shop) with the various
Commercial and Technical Vendors! In 2018, this experience will be expanded to include all of the Vendors
participating in the Glass Craft & Bead Expo. This is a hands-on, one-stop shopping experience where you can
see, touch, and get serious about the tools, glass, and information that you need. The full Gathering registration
fee also gives you access to the Expo!
Friday April 5 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday April 6 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday April 7 10:00 am – 3:00 pmType your paragraph here.

Friday, April 5, 2019