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4 Artists, a Theme and a Torch. 

"New this year for our virtual conference is a virtual Flameoff"

where four renowned glass artists from all corners of the world unite to create a one of a kind collaboration piece to be revealed at a future date. The participants are Mauro Vianello (Italy), Floor Kaspers (The Netherlands), Michael Mangiafico (Pennsylvania, USA), and Bronwen Heilman (Arizona, USA). Join us in our Zoom-based event as we watch each of these incredibly talented artists create a unique piece of the collaboration, which is based on a "Forest Floor" theme. We will be cycling through the artists during this event to interview them about their work, lives, and techniques."

1:00- 3:00 pm Eastern

Friday June 11, 2021

​Zoom Presentation

Flame Off  Host: Patty Lakinsmith

​Artists: Bronwen Heilman, Floor Kaspers, Mauro Vianello, 

& Michael “FiG” Mangiafico