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International Society of Glass Beadmakers

2019 ISGB Gathering XXVI Commemorative Bead Artist

Karyn Sweezy, Operations Manager

Michelle Pearson, Editor-in-Chief, Glass Bead Evolution

Michelle Pearson, Gathering Booklet Designer & Production Manager

Karyn Sweezy, Heather Hennigan Gathering Booklet Editors


Open, Volunteer Manager

Sharyl King, Volunteer Coordinator

Jeff Taylor, Audio Visual Manager

Bob Unger, Audio Visual Coordinator

Mike Gannon, Audio Visual Coordinator

Carlisle Machine Works, Inc., Torch Events Management 

Susan Richards, President
Martha Giberson, Vice-President / Director of Organizational Support
Heather Hennigan, Treasurer / Director of Finance
JC Herrell, Director of Membership
Jelveh Jaferian, Director of Communications and Marketing
Karen Crown, Director of Education
Michelle Pearson, Director at Large
Jeri Wiskus, Director at Large
Tillie Smith O’Kelley, Director at Large
Esther Silver, Director at Large

Board of Directors

Joy Munshower

2019 ISGB Gathering XXVII Team